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Programs, operating systems, databases, code, HTML, XML, Java ... all these things lead to just one outcome. A big headache if you ever need to migrate from one system to another.

Thankfully in modern times, the majority of industry leading software allows for easy migration or integration between different systems. Being able to utilise years of collected data in a new environment is what keeps businesses running when they decide to upgrade or migrate their existing IT technology.

i-Kreo Consulting understands how important data is, and how fundamental it is to have a new custom system that maintains all of a clients' previous data, while offering the extra features of a new system.

We can integrate data from all major accounting software, custom built applications ... even text files. And where data is not saved or stored in a conventional format, we find a way to do it. In all these years, we have never had to tell a client that they would lose their previous history in order to upgrade their systems and technology.

As well as data integration, an important aspect of system integration is the seamless communication between protocol and programming languages. Transport protocols like SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) allow systems written in different languages to communicate and transfer data. C++ to PHP, or ASP to PHP are examples of this. SOAP in particular is great to integrate with web-based applications as it is a HTTP transfer protocol.

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