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In today's growing marketplace, one industry that still governs the way we live and especially HOW and WHERE we live is the Real Estate Industry. No matter what the current economic situation, people are always going to need a roof over their heads and will always have the necessity to buy and sell property.

There are many market leaders in the Real Estate game, and everyone is out there to cut their own little slice of the pie. Unfortunately, in an industry that is so saturated it is not always easy to get ahead. Real Estate agencies are really a dime-a-dozen and buyers and sellers are ever-so hesitant to deal with them. Landlords are also starting to approach the world of self-managed tenancies, with all the ups and downs that it entails.

Being able to give their clients a high standard of service is where successful real estate agencies excel. And one way of ensuring the continual level of this service is by maintaining information and contacts as up to date as possible.

i-Kreo has developed a customised Real Estate Management System that allows an agency to keep all it's data in one place, while still presenting to the public a professional, modern and elegant website. Easily brandable with any franchise's colours, the system will ensure that the process from first encounter with a vendor to the publication of the property on the website, including all marketing material is as swift and easy as possible.

The system includes:

  • Website content management
  • property management for sales, rental, auctions and commercial properties including uploading of images and virtual tours
  • direct contact with the agent
  • instantaneous marketing material generation (window displays, DL size property slips, newspaper ads, etc)
  • tenant management
  • auto generation of customised tenancy agreements
  • inspection report functionality
  • tenant password-protected area to manage their tenancy
  • online rental payment via credit card gateway
  • online strata payment (if required)
  • and much more ...

i-Kreo promotes this package as a stand-alone service, with personalised design for the website, be it if you are with a franchise or an independent agency.

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Real Estate Ready Software

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