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Our Team

Simone Labianca

Founder, Managing Director, Lead Developer, Project Analyst

Simone has been working with computers since he was 12 years old, initially playing, them moving onto more technical things. 

Being able to associate any aspect of day-to-day life to a computer program gives him the ability to see how a software can change, and hopefully improve, the way a business runs. This ability has always proved successful in the rapport between Simone and his clients.

His technical background spreads over most aspects of web and business technology, specializing in development and project analysis.

"There is always a way to improve the running of a business through a proper IT solution. If there is something that has to be done manually by an employee, no doubt it can be done quicker and more efficiently by a specifically designed piece of software, thus freeing up human resource time, raising productivity and lowering costs."


Nasri Zhang


Nasri has been with I-Kreo Consulting for the last 2 years and has extended his skill base substantially to various aspects of the development cycle.

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