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The i-Kreo Business Management System (iBMS) is designed to keep the maximum productivity in mind. Whilst the primary use of this system is to simplify your business needs, it can still be used for much more than a traditional e-commerce system or Content Managment System (CMS). In short, it is a fully functional content management system and can be altered according to your business requirements.


A standard feature of the iBMS is it's modular system. You can manage, edit and delete web site pages, user content, orders and newsletters by logging in as admin. Modules are able to be set in a hierarchy so that you will have no hassle in finding options that you need. It will also allow you to create Content Templates to design static web pages. Moreover, the system supports the use of multiple templates which enables you to style each web page individually.


Most organisations create a large amount of content or digital information. This content is found in many forms: financial data in spread sheets, internal memos and external correspondence in word documents, customer/client information and product inventories in databases, video and audio files, and so forth. At this point, you need to start thinking about a complete CMS that will allow you to keep all this data in one place and as with any complex technological solution, it's important to consider future growth and scalability when you choose the best content management solution for your business. i-Kreo CMS is designed to keep such future requirements in mind and you can ensure that this highly scalable system will always be able to satisfy your complete business needs.


The most important aspect of the iBMS is the possibility for it to be tailored specifically to each clients' requirements. Every business is different, and what might be perfect for one company, might lead to bankruptcy for another. Keeping this in mind, the iBMS is designed to be easily and seamlessly modified to ensure that it does exactly what each individual client needs.

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