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Ever wondered how to manage multiple clients? Hate adding client details manually? We understand the importance of customer relationship for every business and designed the i-kreo cms in a way that it include client details into the database after each order and will allow you to edit the data whenever you want. Additionally, the unique mail merge function will make it easier to mail a newsletter to a group of clients at once. 


Keeping the financial data up to date is the back bone of a business. A slight data mismanagement can cost thousands of dollars at the end. At i-Kreo we understand this basic yet most important requirement and integrated invoicing system deep into the core of our CMS. The invoicing system is unique, intuitive and can be altered to suit your specific business needs. Whether you need to email an invoice or just simply print it, our system can do it without hassle.


The i-Kreo CMS have a complete newsletter solution to all Australian businesses. Whether is just simple text printed on paper or designable portable document format (pdf) or HTML ready to be distributed via internet, the newsletter function is ready to handle all your requirements to gain the maximum productivity. Sending multiple newsletters at once means it will save you ample time to focus on other in-house operations.


If your business include direct trade than this function will be your first choice. We built managing and selling products and even calculating freight charges in real time from several postal services straight into our system. It is so easy that your employees do not have to go through a whole new learning process again. Moreover, the built-in unique statistics viewer module will give you day-by-day report of the inventories.

Payment Gateway

The i-Kreo CMS comes with a powerful e-commerce solution built into its core for secure online payments services that authorizes payments for online retailers and e-businesses via credit cards with an exceptional control over the integrity of user information and fraud prevention. This system integrates directly with the major banks online payment gateways.


Depending on the company size and history, product management has a variety of functions and roles. Sometimes there is a product manager, and sometimes the role of product manager is shared by other roles. In some businesses, the product management is the hub of many other activities around the product. What if your business sells a product that comes with a definite expiry date and you want to contact the customer regarding the next purchase? The i-Kreo CMS is capable and highly scalable to all your product related requirements and can easily be altered for future upgrades.

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