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Enterprise Architecture Strategy (Business Strategy For Clients)

The worldwide changes in technology, environment, and globalisation motivate organisations to align their business and technology in order to provide value and responsiveness to changing client demands.

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We understand your need to enable this alignment between the business capabilities, information systems and information technology, and to ensure improved effectiveness and efficiency our business management strategy becomes indispensable.

As you may have seen many times that if the business mission, vision and drivers are not clearly defined, choosing an advanced business strategy will not help an organisation achieve its goals. We here at i-Kreo Consulting, ensure and maximise the revenue of your company by defining and explaining the leverage of having a unique business strategy after a thorough and step by step analysis of your current work flow.

Our business strategy solution includes an 8 phase architecture which will be defined as an enterprise architecture strategy and will identify the weaknesses and strengths of your business and rank the status among other competitors. Additionally, it will also define a road map to show the current business position, where it should be and how to get there from the current state. 

  • Phase 1: The "Vision"
  • Phase 2: Current "Business Architecture"
  • Phase 3: Current "Information System"
  • Phase 4: Technical Architecture Proposal
  • Phase 5: Opportunities & Solutions
  • Phase 6: The "Migration Plan" (if required)
  • Phase 7: The "IT Governance"
  • Phase 8: The "Change Management"

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