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Internet today is a great mix of ideas, thoughts, proposals and opinions. Moreso, if used properly it could be a place of great profit.

I-Kreo Consulting is a strong believer of the fact that there is always a better, more efficient way to run a business. Profit is not always active, it can be passive as well.

We have over 15 years experience in the Internet Industry, with our Managing Director, Lead Developer and Project Analyst, Simone Labianca working in the ever-growing European Market, especially in Italy.

"There is always a way to improve the running of a business through a proper IT solution. If there is something that has to be done manually by an employee, no doubt it can be done quicker and more efficiently by a specifically designed piece of software, thus freeing up human resourse time, raising productivity and lowering costs."

We design applications specifically tailored to the clients' needs. Each application is unique because each client is unique. Even similar applications designed for similar clients will be different in that each business has their own way of working.

I-Kreo Consulting conforms to all the new industry standards and makes sure that it's proprietary framework is always up to speed with the latest technology available on the web.


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