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10 Jan

The Urge to connect businesses online

Written by Rohit Karmyal
From the good old days of handwritten letters to e-mails, from the neighbourhood gossips to 24hr Facebook chat on mobile devices, the technology is constantly evolving and so does the need of businesses to reach a wider audience. Nowadays, the internet has become an integral part of the society and...
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17 Nov

OzIntro/ThaIntro and I-Kreo Consulting team up!!!

Written by Simone Labianca
The Team at I-Kreo Consulting are happy to announce that they will be starting development of 4 new sites for a very well renowned backpacking tour agency in Sydney. OzIntro (http://www.ozintro.com´╗┐) and ThaIntro (http://www.thaintro.com) have proven track records in providing high quality...
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11 Oct

The Myth of the Page Fold

Written by Luca
What is the fold? This is a reference to the upper half, or above the fold, of the front page of a newspaper which is considered to be premium space. It’s also commonly used to describe the area you see on a Web page before you have to scroll down the page. In the early days of the Web, most...
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